Sex Mythology: Including an Account of the Masculine Cross

Sha Rocco

Illustrated with a number of Yoni-Lingam line drawings, this booklet purports to be a scholarly study of ancient sex worship in which phalli and cunni played a prominent role. Included is a section explaining the sexual vocabulary of the Bible, religious prostitution, and sun worship. JB

Publisher: American Atheist
Pamphlet: 55 pages

Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary

Edited by James Wasserman

The editor has been a disciple of Crowley's works for more than 20 years. Along with presenting selections from Crowley's two most important instructional writings, Wasserman explores the purpose and necessity of the diary as an aid to the accomplishment of what Crowley termed the “Great Work.” JB

Publisher: New Falcon
Paperback: 176 pages

The Law Is for All

Aleister Crowley

One of Crowley's most popular books, The Law Is for All was actually dictated to the infamous magician by a discarnate intelligence in Cairo in 1904. Whether this discarnate intelligence is on the same plane as Ramtha, we do not know, yet this book is considered by some to be as sacrosanct as Holy Writ. As much of the work is of an esoteric nature, this popular edition of Crowley's famous work contains an edifying commentary to assist the neophyte in understanding the deeper significance hidden within the bowels of the text. JB

Publisher: New Falcon
Paperback: 302 pages

The Great Heresy: The History and Beliefs of the Cathars

Arthur Guirdham

Enter into the strange world of the Inquisition, when wife-swapping groups became known as religious movements; indeed, when everything seemed to center around religion. The Great Heresy focuses upon the Cathars, a Gnostic revival sect centered in France. In point of fact, it is difficult today to imagine a sect like the Cathars being singled out for extermination. Many of their beliefs resemble those of the Jehovah’s Witnesses of today mixed with a primitive Hinduism: denial of the Eucharist; vegetarianism; and the rejection of Hell as an abode of eternal punishment and damnation. It is the Cathars’ sex practices which have aroused, so to speak, the interests of inquisitive men and women. The author devotes the first 14 chapters of his book to the history and beliefs of the Cathars, while the remaining chapters follow the authors’ philosophical bent. In this reviewer’s opinion, the subject matter is rather dry and unexciting… not at all what one would expect from a sect alleged to have indulged in so many sexual perversions. Indeed, the author, far from repeating these salubrious tales, understates them, and subjects the reader to a big letdown. JB

Publisher: C.W. Daniel
Paperback: 186 pages

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

John G. Jackson

Relying upon such notable authors such as Sir James George Frazer, T.W. Doane and Gerald Massey, this informative little booklet condenses much information into a valuable introductory tool for those interested in the subject of comparative religion and the origins of Christian myths. JB

Publisher: American Atheist
Pamphlet: 32 pages

Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions

Christof Friedrich

Packed with photos, this book is the perfect companion to Secrets of the Holy Lance, The Spear of Destiny, and a litany of similar books devoted to scrutinizing the Nazis and their obsession with the occult. The author delivers a penetrating, in-depth description detailing the secret missions of German U-boat convoys dispatched to the Antarctic by Hitler during the final, tumultuous days of the Third Reich. Imagine the caches of buried Nazi treasure just begging to be discovered. Published by Ernst Zundel, the man who brought Canada’s great Holocaust trial to the public a few years ago. JB

Publisher: Samisdat
Paperback: 128 pages

The Vatican’s Holocaust

Avro Manhattan

Packed with gruesome photographs of hangings, throat-slitting and mass murder, this book is one man’s solo crusade to expose what he believes is the Vatican’s complicity in a circus of blood horrors precipitated against the Serbs by the “Catholic” Ustashi. However, replace his continuous references to alleged murderers as “Catholics” with the words “Jews,” “blacks,” or any other minority, and what you are left with is an incitement to hatred based upon creed. In fact, the book is highly similar to Julius Streicher’s infamous Stürmer newspaper, except the “Jew” is now replaced by the “Catholic.” For this reason alone, the book makes for very amusing reading. JB

Publisher: Ozark
Paperback: 236 pages

The Faces of the Gods: Vodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti

Leslie G. Desmangles

As defined in its politically correct definition, voodoo is a “vibrant folk religion that has played and continues to play a major role in the religious lives of the common people of Haiti.” Among the politically incorrect, however, Voodoo appears to be among the most ancient and superstitious of human practices; the mixing of religion with black and white magic, and a threat to the neck of any unfortunate chicken within arm’s reach. Between these two interpretations we have the well-written, scholarly tone of Desmangle’s book. Informative and interspersed with interesting photos. JB

Publisher: University of North Carolina
Paperback: 218 pages

Passion of Youth: An Autobiography, 1897-1922

Wilhelm Reich

This is the latest of Reich’s writings to appear posthumously. In these excerpts from his diary, Reich, like his mentor, Freud, is remarkably candid about the details of his personal life and sexuality. Indeed, some of his most private confessions sound remarkably Freudian: “Twice I masturbated while consciously fantasizing about my mother-saw and felt only her abdomen, never her face.” Also includes his 1919 memoir, Childhood and Puberty, in which Reich candidly tells of his first sexual experiences and the further development of his sexual life. JB

Publisher: Marlowe
Paperback: 178 pages

Ambush at Ruby Ridge: FBI Whitewash or Justifiable Homicide? The Inside Story on What Really Happened at That Small Cabin in Idaho

Alan W. Bock

On August 21, 1992, a six-man team from the Special Operations Group of the U.S. Marshall’s Service descended upon Randy Weaver’s 20-acre farm known as Ruby Ridge. Within 36 hours, Weaver’s dog was crushed into a pancake form, his son was killed, and his wife was shot down in the doorway of their home while holding their 10-month-old baby. For some reason or other, Weaver went berserk and the situation precipitated a military build-up consisting of a large array of assault vehicles and over 400 heavily armed men who eventually took Randy Weaver into custody. Weaver later wrote his impression of the outbreak of hostilities: “When I reached the first fork in the logging road, a very well-camouflaged person yelled, “Freeze, Randy!’’ I immediately said, “Fuck you,” and retreated 80 to 100 feet toward home. I realized immediately that we had run smack into a ZOG [Zionist Occupational Government]/New World Order ambush.” JB

Publisher: Dickens
Hardback: 281 pages