The “Problem of the Gas Chambers”

Robert Faurisson

Well-known historical revisionist disputes standard accounts of extermination of prisoners in Hitler’s concentration camps. SC

Publisher: Noontide
Pamphlet: 2 pages

Simon Wiesenthal: Bogus “Nazi Hunter”

Mark Weber

“Wiesenthal’s reputation as the world’s foremost ‘Nazi hunter’ is completely undeserved. His greatest achievement in more than 30 years of searching for ‘Nazi criminals’ was his alleged role in locating and capturing Adolf Eichmann… but Isser Harel, the Israeli official who headed the team that captured Eichmann, has declared unequivocally that Wiesenthal had ‘absolutely nothing’ to do with the capture. ‘All the information supplied by Wiesenthal before and in anticipation of the operation was utterly worthless, and sometimes even misleading and of a negative value,’ Harel says.” SC

Publisher: Noontide
Pamphlet: 2 pages

Freemasonry and Judaism: Secret Powers Behind Revolution

Vicomte Leon de Poncins

The same old unified world conspiracy theory: It’s the Jews and Freemasonry working hand in hand to destroy the traditional values of the West, starting with the French revolution of 1789 and continuing on to more modern times. SC

Publisher: A&B
Paperback: 260 pages

Tales of the Iron Road: My Life as King of the Hoboes

“Steam Train” Maury Graham and Robert A. Hemming

“Steam Train” first hopped a freight in 1931, and hasn’t looked back since. His wanderings have taken him into America’s hobo jungles and railway yards, traveling the tracks in boxcars with partners like “Slow Motion Shorty,” “Fry Pan Jack” and “Hood River Blackie.” In his life of traveling, he has experienced danger, uncertainty and cold, all fueled by hobo stew (he offers his personal recipe). He is the permanent Hobo King of the East, and he has been elected five times as the King of the Hoboes. “Steam Train” has become a famous spokesman for a vanishing way of life. SC

Publisher: Marlowe
Paperback: 222 pages

Machine Art and Other Writings: The Lost Thought of the Italian Years

Ezra Pound

Giving insight to Pound’s work during his period in Italy, this book documents his diverse aesthetic, which concerned everything from Machine Art, and its new criterion for beauty, to his search for a type of writing ruled by mathematical rather than grammatical laws. SC

Publisher: Duke University
Paperback: 232 pages

The Untameables

F.T. Marinetti

This is a novel beyond categorization. It’s symbolic poetry, science fiction, fable, or perhaps a philosophical social vision. Written in a free-form style, The Untameables relates the adventures of Mirmofim and the Untameables, who are engaged in loony combat in the world of the paper people. It makes for hilarious reading while exploring the modern world of bayonets, electronic lights, sign boards, gear shifts, and spotlights inscribing acetylene words. SC

Publisher: Sun and Moon
Paperback: 228 pages

Letters From a Little Girl Addict

Rae Shawn Stewart

Written as a series of letters to the junkie father she put in jail, this is the author’s own story of a childhood marred by drugs and abuse. SC

Publisher: Holloway House
Paperback: 219 pages

The Senator’s Whore

Leo Guild

This purports to be an “as told to” true story about a girl with expensive tastes and only one way to satisfy them. And satisfy them she does—right up to the Capitol dome. Eventually her greed for men drives her to set up a whorehouse that caters to the most powerful movers and shakers in Washington. SC

Publisher: Holloway House
Paperback: 224 pages

Treat Them Like Animals

Rae Shawn Stewart

A powerful account of black women in prison: debauchery, camaraderie and dehumanization coexist in this tender tale of a friendship between two tough inmates. SC

Publisher: Holloway House
Paperback: 224 pages

To Break a Tyrant’s Chains: Neo-Guerrilla Techniques for Combat

Duncan Long

According to the author, this book is an insurance policy against tyrants and would-be tyrants; it shows them that a small group of neo-guerrillas can bring down the strongest armies and force any police state to its knees. Long shows the secrets of how to secure and create weapons, and the tactics needed to use them when fighting just about anything imaginable, from attack helicopters to tanks. SC

Publisher: Alpha
Paperback: 147 pages