When Time Shall Be No More

Paul Boyer

Explores a segment of American popular thought that has rarely been the subject of scholarship: the belief that history and the end of the world were foretold in the Bible. The author puts forth two arguments, the first being that the prophesy has played a more central role in American thought than most cultural and intellectual historians have recognized; the second being that after World War II the popularizers of a dispensational premillennialism have played an important role in shaping public opinion on such topics as the Soviet Union, the Common Market, the Middle East, the role of technology in modern life, and environmental issues. SC

Publisher: Harvard University
Hardback: 468 pages

The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti and the Secret Way

Julius Evola

Evola introduces two Hindu movements, tantraism and Shaktiism, which both emphasize action and mastery of energies latent in the body. He traces these influences in Hinduism from the 4th century onward with an in-depth study of Vamachara—”The Way of the Left Hand.” During our current time of dissolution and decadence known in Hindu cosmology as the Kali Yuga, one can no longer dismiss the physical as mere illusion, but instead must grapple with and ultimately transform the powerful and destructive forces in this present age. Evola draws from original texts to document methods of self-mastery including the awakening of serpent power, initiatory sexual magic and invoking the sacred mantras of power. SC

Publisher: Inner Traditions
Paperback: 238 pages

The Sacrament of Abortion

Ginette Paris

According to Paris, some women who choose abortion are actually expressing their long-term maternal feelings. A child must be wanted, they believe, or else its life is a living death. Women who abort see beyond the fetus to the true care that every child must have, making abortion a sacrificial act. The author’s writings on issues of life and death, of love and children, are religious, unlike the work of those who favor abortion but rationalize it as a private and medical act only. “At the other extreme, the pro-lifers see the spiritual dimension, but keep it imprisoned within official orthodoxies, as if no other form of spirituality existed,” she says. Paris presents abortion as a sacrifice to Artemis, who refuses to give of life if the gift is not pure. She holds that there are spiritual standards govern family and children other than those dictated by courts, medicine and traditional religion. SC

Publisher: Spring
Paperback: 113 pages

Africa and the Discovery of America

Leo Wiener

Documents the pre-Columbian presence of Africans in the New World, using the history of cotton, smoking and tobacco. Goes further to state that the African interactions with the New World were superior to those of the Europeans, as the Africans didn’t launch a destructive war on the native population. If Columbus wasn’t the discoverer of the New World (everyone from the Norwegians to the Chinese have made this claim), the author argues that the explorer’s real role in the world’s history is as the person who opened the Western hemisphere for Europeans. SC

Publisher: A & B
Paperback: 287 pages

African Origins of the Major Western Religions

Yosef ben-Jochannan

It should come as no surprise that the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious tradition came from Africa. Well, at least according to Dr. Ben, who always has the evidence to prove his point with elaborate hand-drawn maps and diagrams. One of the amazing aspects of Dr. Ben’s work is his ability to pull in so many sources and tie them together into a single, unified theory of history. SC

Publisher: Black Classic
Paperback: 363 pages

Are You Still a Slave?

Shahrazad Ali

“Dare to examine the root of your ideas. Take this test and find out if you experience slavery flashbacks that influence your behavior and control your thinking, and learn how to recover from the post-traumatic stress of slavery. Answers lead to complete recovery. Are you still a slave? You can’t grow until you know.” SC

Publisher: Civilized
Paperback: 161 pages

The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid

Edited by Kevin Alfred Storm

The National Vanguard is a Neo-Nazi group headed by Dr. William Pierce (the author of The Turner Diaries). The major difference behind the National Alliance and other neo-Nazi groups is its blatant intellectualism, with articles on Ficthte, and a sociological interpretation of “Punk Rock.” Makes for interesting reading, marred by inherent conservatism. SC

Publisher: National Vanguard
Paperback: 217 pages

Beyond the Mask of Chivalry: The Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan

Nancy K. Maclean

The second Ku Klux Klan lasted from its founding ceremony at Stone Mountain, Georgia, on Thanksgiving night in 1915 to around 1930. This was the heyday of Klan activity. During this period the Klan used the issues of morality, immigration and race as recruiting tactics for both the working poor and the small businessman. For example, in Oregon, where the black population was nil, the Klan crusaded against the Catholics. SC

Publisher: Oxford University
Hardback: 308 pages

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage

William Loren Katz

“In course of time the American people got in to Florida and began to live. This caused trouble. The colored people and the Indians, being natives of the land, naturally went on the warpath. They fought until the American people called. The Indians and the Negroes gave them peace.”—Joe Phillips, Black Seminole, 1930 SC

Publisher: Macmillan
Paperback: 198 pages

Black Man of the Nile and His Family

Yosef ben-Jochannan

Dr. ben-Jochannan’s best-known work, capturing the crux of his Afrocentric research. This overview of what constitutes Africa and Africans challenges and exposes the “Europeanization” of African history, by means of a point-by-point refutation of the distortions committed by more traditional European scholars. SC

Publisher: Black Classic
Paperback: 428 pages