Fugitive Writings

Peter Kropotkin

Serves as a good introduction to Kropotkin’s writings, with his ideas presented in the context of his political and social essays. Much of this material has long been out of print or untranslated. SC

Publisher: Black Rose
Paperback: 202 pages

In Russian and French Prisons

Peter Kropotkin

This is Kropotkin’s critique of prisons from the inside out, perhaps the first book to cover penology from the standpoint of a participant-observer. Far from reforming the offender, he writes, even in the 19th century prisons were already better suited as schools for crime. SC

Publisher: Black Rose
Paperback: 316 pages

Unfinished Business: The Politics of Class War

Class War

Some frolics through the politics of these rabble-rousing English anarchists, who have raised tabloid-baiting, cop-targeting and Tory-annoying to a fine art. Some insightful essays, mixed with a lot of working-class rhetoric. SC

Publisher: AK
Paperback: 186 pages

Words of a Rebel

Peter Kropotkin

This is the first complete English translation of a seminal Kropotkin book, which includes his earliest articles. These pieces present his skills as a political agitator in their full glory, as he rouses the rabble to overthrow corrupt, centralized wealth and power. SC

Publisher: Black Rose
Paperback: 232 pages

Liberating Theory

Noam Chomsky et al.

In a landmark theoretical work which might influence progressive thinking, seven respected activist/scholars from various backgrounds and movements have collaborated to create a new theory of liberation. The authors combine various theories of history (Marxism, anarchism, feminism and nationalism) to develop an alternative conceptual framework that they call “complementary holism,” and apply this theory to questions of economics, politics, gender, race and culture. “Complementary holism” is intended to be used to understand society and create new strategies for its transformation. SC

Publisher: South End
Paperback: 197 pages

Open Creation and Its Enemies

Asger Jorn

According to Jorn, “The field of situlogical experience is divided into two opposed tendencies—the ludic tendency and the analytical tendency—in the tendency of the art, spin and the game, and that of science and its techniques.” By Ken Knabb’s direct manipulation of the Situationist texts and by what he left out of his anthology, only the Debordist wing of the Situationist International (the analytical tendency) has been available for examination by the English-speaking world. This pamphlet uses texts by Asger Jorn to explain the conflict between the Debordists and the Nashists (the ludic tendency), and inadvertently documents the formation of the Second Situationist International (a.k.a. the Bauhaus Situationists). SC

Publisher: Unpopular
Pamphlet: 48 pages

Basta! Land and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas

George A. Collier with Elizabeth Lowery Quaratiello

What created the EZLN rebellion in southern Mexico? These writers build a strong case that the changeover from peasant agrarianism to “modern” agribusiness in Chiapas over the past 30 years was the single most compelling force behind the creation of this homegrown guerrilla army and its intriguing cooperativist vision. SC

Publisher: Food First
Paperback: 184 pages

Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky

Shmuel Katz

This biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky at 1,855 pages isn’t light reading. The man behind the book wasn’t light either: Jabotinsky, a journalist and author, was one of the most important Zionist leaders of the 20th century. Jabotinsky was the ideologue of the Zionist revisionists. He was the spiritual forerunner to the Likud party, Netanyahu and the Jewish Defense League. Jabotinsky was foremost a right-wing nationalist, who bordered on being a fascist—there’s even rumors that he had secret meetings with the Nazis. SC

Publisher: Barricade
Hardback: 1855 pages

American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X

Steven Barboza

Meet a Harvard professor, a practicing polygamist, and a Desert Storm convert—Muslims all. See what a former top official in the U.S. Government , an HIV-positive woman, and a Native American share in their faith. Understand what attracts a young feminist, a college grad, and an ex-hippie to the world of Islam. SC

Publisher: Doubleday
Paperback: 370 pages

Eve of Destruction: Prophecies, Theories and Preparations for the End of the World

Eva Shaw

The world’s been going to hell in a hand basket since the beginning of recorded history. All hell broke loose during A.D. 1000. The year 2000 won’t be any different. Folks are already taking bets on the date. Shaw’s book takes on apocalyptic thinking at full throttle with the history of The End through various religions, cult leaders (remember that a religion is only a successful cult) and scientific hysteria—everything from the Catholic Church, which stated in A.D. 999 that the rapture would be here the next year, to the joys of nuclear winter to the countdown to the final date of December 12, 2012, as proclaimed by Terence McKenna and Jose Argüelles. So far, however all nigh-sayers have been wrong and they will most likely continue to be so. SC

Publisher: Contemporary
Paperback: 238 pages