The Art of War


Battle plans suitable for any conquest, first etched out 2,400 years ago in China by a chief military strategist for the state of Wu. Popular today with corporate America, and here’s why—it’s the New World Order in a nutshell. “Once this overlord’s forces invade a large country, its legions will be incapable of assembly; when his omnipotence engulfs the enemies, their alliances will be incapable of forming. By competing for worldwide alliances and developing worldwide influence, an overlord will thereby give rein to his ambitions, and his omnipotence can engulf his enemies: thus, their city may be occupied and their country toppled.” Based on manuscripts recently discovered in Linyi, China, that predate all previous texts by 1,000 years. GR

Publisher: Morrow
Paperback: 299 pages

Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order

Jim Keith

It’s a phenomenon that strangely parallels the sightings of UFOs—reports of hovering military choppers mysteriously firing on civilians, chasing them in their cars, and ferrying mysterious men who gut the carcasses of cows and sheep. According to reports, mostly compiled from militia news sources, it’s been going on for more than 20 years. The New World Order is coming, say the witnesses: The government is secretly training the Army to invade the cities and small towns of America, take away all our guns, and herd us into giant detention camps, all the better to manipulate us in. “There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has ‘finger men’ to point out enemies, its ‘muscle men’ to destroy enemies, its ‘brain guys’ to plan war preparations, and a ‘Big Boss,’ Supra-nationalistic Capitalism.” The author concedes the detention camp theory is going a bit too far, but that the helicopters are real. GR

Publisher: IllumiNet
Paperback: 157 pages

Future Primitive and Other Essays

John Zerzan

For Zerzan the “Golden Age” is no myth. Not only did it once exist, it is once more attainable, at least to those willing to take the long trip back—neither to the revolutionary era mourned by the Left, nor to the conservative’s beloved 17th century, nor even to the feudal regimes increasingly favored by post-structuralist academia. With often surprising erudition, Zerzan sketches out a utopian theory of prehistory, comprising elements of “classical” anarchism, Luddite subversion and Green activism, which represents on every level a clean break with all of these established positions. GR

Publisher: Autonomedia
Paperback: 185 pages

Global Bondage: The U.N. Plan to Rule the World

Cliff Kincaid

The author doesn’t like the idea, and either does the Pope. “The United Nations is now openly laying plans for a World Government—to go along with its already functioning World Army. These plans include global taxation and an International Criminal Court that could prosecute American citizens… Also exposes: U.N. support for forced abortion and forced sterilization… the possibility of Russian military officers commanding American troops,” and “the transformation of American soldiers into ‘U.N. fighting persons.’” GR

Publisher: Huntington House
Paperback: 208 pages

The K Wave: Profiting From the Cyclical Boom and Bust in the Global Economy

David Knox Barker

In 1926, a Russian named Nikolai Kondratieff studied the 200-year history of Western-style global economics for his boss, Joseph Stalin, and compared it to the economic model of Communism. His data showed that in approximate 50-year cycles, the free-market West went into a slump, repositioned itself, then rebounded with renewed vigor. This boom-and-bust cycle became known as the K Wave, and Kondratieff used it to successfully predict the Great Depression. In comparison, Kondratieff showed that the planned communist/socialist system would become inefficient and stagnant. For all his effort, Kondratieff got Siberia. We got the K Wave theory. How will it carry the new world economy through the current “fall” season? And who will survive the “winter,” and prosper in the next century? China? The United States? Or—ironically—the new Russia? GR

Publisher: Irwin
Hardback: 320 pages

The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination

Denise Winn

Whether one is under the spell of conspiracies or the Internet, UFOs or religion, politics or MTV, Nazis or North Koreans, one best believe there’s a whole lot of brainwashin’ goin’ on. “What makes brainwashing so different from the equally insidious effects of indoctrination and conditioning, or even advertising and education? “Research findings from psychology show that brainwashing is not a special subversive technique; it is the clever manipulation of unrealized influences that operate in all our lives… This book, by breaking down so-called brainwashing to its individual elements, shows how social conditioning, need for approval, emotional dependency and much else that we are unaware of, prevent us from being as self-directed as we think and, conversely, which human traits make us the least susceptible to subtle influence.” GR

Publisher: Octagon
Hardback: 217 pages

The Prince

Niccolò Machiavelli

Handy hints for starting—and sustaining—your very own princedom, from the famous Florentine envoy to the courts of France and the Italian principalities. In continuous use since 1513, this “calculating prescription for power” has been well-thumbed by history’s despots and charlatans, like this century’s Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Peron, Khadaffi and Hussein. “And here comes in the question whether it is better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved… a prince should inspire fear in such a fashion that if he does not win love, he may escape hate… Since his being loved depends on his subjects, while his being feared depends on himself, a wise Prince should build on what is his own, and not on what rests with others. Only, as I have said, he must do his utmost to escape hatred.” GR

Publisher: Dover
Paperback: 71 pages

Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System

Texe Marrs

Toward “a new global police state, made up of the FBI, KGB, CIA, DEA, DIA, NSA, IRS, EPA, OSHA, NCIC, USDA, FDA, NRO, BATF, FINCEN, INS, DOJ, WTO, Europol, Interpol, Mossad and the MAB.” All secretly reporting to a faceless American “SS establishment,” or “Central Gestapo.”
“The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System has been designed and is being implemented in America and throughout the world. We knew it was coming. Now it’s here, and soon there will be no place to hide. By the year 2000, Big Brother’s evil, octopuslike tentacles will squeeze every ounce of lifeblood out of the people. A nightmarish, totalitarian police state is at hand.
“That is the thoroughly documented message—and momentous warning—sounded in this book. Do not for an instant think that you and your loved ones can escape the monstrous behemoth which lies in our path. Once Project L.U.C.I.D. (Lucifer’s Universal Criminal Identification System) is fully operational, and every man, woman and child will fall under the power of its hideous, cyberelectronic grasp.
“Consider the unbelievable magnitude and dimensions of Project L.U.C.I.D. First, it mandates that every adult and child—even newborn babies—be issued a universal biometrics ID card. A “Smart Card” with an advanced computer microchip, this powerful, reprogrammable ID card will store millions of bytes of information about the recipient—his or her photo, fingerprint, footprint, iris (eye) scan, DNA genotype, human leukocyte antigen data, financial status, and personal history.
“Oh yes, the ID card will also be coded with numbers. One will identify the individual cardholder. Another, I believe, will eventually constitute the number 666. The number 666 will signify the hellish master responsible for the devilish invention of this Universal Biometrics Card and its interlocked, computer network.” GR

Publisher: Living Truth
Paperback: 224 pages

Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control

Harvey M. Weinstein, M.D.

The truth behind Subproject 68 of the CIA-sponsored MK-ULTRA mind-control project, by a psychiatrist who was there—his father was one of the victims. The author, as a boy, watched his father deteriorate physically and mentally for unknown reasons, all while under a doctor’s care. Years later, formerly top-secret government documents told him the gruesome story: A series of sadistic experiments had been carried out on selected patients by a Canadian doctor, Ewen Cameron. The crackpot Cameron, seemingly inspired by North Korean tortures, drugged at least 100 patients in a “depatterning program,” tying them down in isolation and bombarding their brains with taped messages, 12 to 16 hours a day, a process called “psychic driving.” This could go on for more than 60 days. Then months of drugged sleep would be induced. Results? Tragic. In the end, the CIA admitted to itself that MK-ULTRA “had not yielded any results of real positive value to the Agency… “ Shocking and painful. GR

Publisher: American Psychiatric
Hardback: 304 pages

The Real Unfriendly Skies: Saga of Corruption

Rodney Stich

By 1974, everybody in aviation knew about the DC-10 cargo door problem. It was an accident waiting to happen. And it did. “The cockpit voice recorder showed the sequence: Klaxon sounded as the plane exceeded the never-exceed speed. Captain Berkoz: ‘What happened?’ Captain Uelusman: ‘The cabin blew out.’ Berkoz shouts: ‘Are you sure? Bring it up, pull her nose up. ‘During the next 16 seconds, Berkoz sings the catchline from a famous Turkish TV commercial: ‘Acaba, nedir (Wonder what it is, what it is?)… We have lost it… Ooops, oops… We’ve lost it.’ Sound of impact signifying the brutal end to 346 lives.” A passionate account of the scandals behind more than 30 years of air crashes in America and around the world that were perpetrated by airline malpractice, design flaws, low-budget training, stupid pilot errors and the ignorance of wind shear. Do the words cover-up, conspiracy and corruption come to mind? A pre-deregulation United Airlines fares the worst. After deregulation, it’s Delta. The FAA is dog meat throughout. GR

Publisher: Diablo Western
Paperback: 656 pages