Germano Celant

This monograph presents the entire career to date of photographer Joel Peter Witkin, whose views of “perversity and sacrilege, taboo, life and death” are expressed in his notorious depictions of “forbidden hybrids, transformed transsexuals, freaks and fetuses.” Witkin’s intense and perverse energetic images invoke a new spiritual universe in which distinctions are transcended, conflicts and repression abolished and “death coexists with life.” OAA

Publisher: DAP
Hardback: 272 pages

The Secret Life of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Early autobiography filled with flamboyance and lathered with self-praise from the master himself. Dali’s tongue runs on with lucidity for 400 pages. Humbling but also wearing, it will enlighten those who may believe Dali was only a painter. Exposes his brilliance not just as an artist but in his understanding of victimization and its shocking repercussions. OAA

Publisher: Dover
Paperback: 400 pages

The Quadruple Object

Graham Harman

In this book the metaphysical system of Graham Harman is presented in lucid form, aided by helpful diagrams. In Chapter 1, Harman gives his most forceful critique to date of philosophies that reject objects as a primary reality. All such rejections are tainted by either an undermining or overmining approach to objects. In Chapters 2 and 3, he reviews his concepts of sensual and real objects. In the process, he attacks the prestige normally granted to philosophies of human access, which Harman links for the first time to the already discredited Meno's Paradox. In Chapters 4 through 7, Harman brings the reader up to speed on his interpretation of Heidegger, which culminates in a fourfold structure of objects linked by indirect causation. In Chapter 8, he speculates on the implications of this theory for the debate over panpsychism, which Harman both embraces and rejects. In Chapters 9 and 10, he introduces the term ontography as the study of the different possible permutations of objects and qualities, which he simplifies with easily remembered terminology drawn from standard playing cards. OAA

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Paperback: 157 pages