Some Like It Dark

Kipp Washington as told to Leo Guild

“Frankly, I’m queer. I’ve had men and animals and five Japanese girls at a time and I even screwed a corpse. But it’s the injured ones that really turn me on.” More than your standard dinge-queen drama, this book is all that and a bag of chili fries! MG

Publisher: Holloway House
Paperback: 224 pages

Nudist Magazines of the ‘50s and ‘60s: Book Two

Ed Lange and Stan Sohler

This two-part anthology combines articles on the history and ethics of nudism and nudist publishing, with scores of photos that capture the gleefully naked antics of legions of sun-worshiping men, women and children. Whether riding dune buggies, gyrating with hula hoops, sitting under hair dryers, bowling, competing in beauty pageants, or just hunkering down for a few mai-tais, life in the raw is an endless pleasure spree. And the fact that many of the nude revelers look like Martin Milner and Patty Duke makes it all the more fun. Includes the how-to essay “Dance Naked With Music” by Laura Archer Huxley, absurdly juxtaposed with a foreword by husband Aldous (“Human beings are multiple amphibians…”) with pictures of Mrs. Huxley writhing and undulating in someone’s batch pad living room, captioned with her own written exhortation to “Go into a room by yourself. Put on your favorite music. Throw off your clothes. And dance!” One can only assume that this kind of thing is included to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the prurient, but if one ignores the “sing the body electric” rhetoric while checking out the buns and wieners, and still appreciate this stuff as sublime, omnisexual porno-kitsch. MG

Publisher: Elysium Growth
Paperback: 95 pages