The Fleischer Story

Leslie Cabarga

Max and Dave Fleischer were pioneers in the development of animation as we know it today… or so the story goes. This book delves deep into the perverted, sometimes sickening minds of these so-called creators of a genre. Every disgusting secret hidden for years beneath the happy façade of fluffy little bunnies and talking mailboxes is unearthed, including the development of that ultraslut Betty Boop, the nympho who lured pie-eyed theatergoers into the pits of sin and despair. Max and Dave spent many years pimping that garter-strapped hussy from one filthy studio to another, coveting every sweaty dime just to produce even more lurid and disgraceful cartoon characters to tempt an already downtrodden public.
Betty’s giant head bows to no man in her quest for the fast life and complete domination of the underworld where she resides. Want to learn more about that sex-starved, pipe-smoking, halibut-reeking Popeye? No cabin door is left unopened or barnacle-ridden question unanswered in this book. Learn about the true meaning of the phrase “shiver me timber.” This book lays bare the most intimate details of the Fleischer Bros.’ strangely obsessed world. “Out of the inkwell”? More like “Out of the gutter.” MI

Publisher: Da Capo
Paperback: 216 pages