Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing

Wayne B. Yeager

Security companies often fail to supply what their clients pay for, and alarm systems can be beaten. This book shows how, covering everything from magnetic contact switches, window foiling, to ultrasonic alarms and passive infrared alarms, microwave systems, traps, monitored control panels and preamplified microphones, and the many ways they can be defeated. There is also information on guard dogs, central control systems and police and guard responses or the lack thereof. Describes residential, commercial and high- security systems. MC

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 104 pages

The Truth About Self-Protection

Massad Ayoob

This book, written by an expert in providing practical, truthful information on self-defense, talks about the dangers of crime and what to expect. It recommends all types of practical solutions and dispenses common sense counsel about locks, alarms, safes, tear gas, car security and attack dogs. Some basic street-fighting self defense techniques are illustrated, such as the neck twist, takedown, eye attacks and martial arts. The author also discusses such makeshift weapons as flashlights for self-defense, and offers extensive information on guns: who should have them, types of training, the selection of handguns, combat firing techniques, the storing of firearms, and the physiological and psychological aftermath of violence. Includes advice to the elderly and handicapped, and covers what to do about legal problems that can arise out of the use of self defense, including finding a lawyer. MC

Publisher: Police Bookshelf
Paperback: 420 pages

The Clandestine Broadcasting Directory

Mathias Kropf

“Worldwide directory of clandestine broadcasting—shortwave, medium wave and long wave. The directory includes a complete frequency list, time-order list and database. Listen to secret station broadcasts that governments don’t want people to hear. This book, with its comprehensive listings, has value for journalists, media scientists and historians in addition to radio buffs.” MC

Publisher: Tiare
Paperback: 60 pages

Cop Talk!: Monitoring Law-Enforcement Communications

Laura E. Quarantiello

Find out what those sirens are all about. The author explains how to use scanners to monitor local police department and other law-enforcement communications, including how to find frequencies, what equipment to use for monitoring, how to set up scanner banks and a guide to often obscure police jargon. Also discusses responsible monitoring and includes police radio codes and common nationwide frequencies. MC

Publisher: Tiare
Paperback: 79 pages

Easy Shortwave Antennas

Frank P. Hughes, VE3DOB

Tips, techniques, descriptions and illustrations on the principles, construction and erection of more than 50 different types of antennae for short-wave reception. MC

Publisher: Tiare
Paperback: 52 pages