Take No Prisoners: Destroying Enemies with Dirty and Malicious Tricks

Mack Nasty

If you really need revenge on someone, this book will give you some nasty tips to try. Covers mental attitude, collecting information on the subject of your ire, making preparations and protecting yourself against your enemy. Details different ways of attacking the subject at his home or office, trashing his automobile, and creating all types of personal havoc for your target. Some of the techniques described in this book will make you sick to your stomach and, of course, it has the standard “Sold for entertainment purposes only!” warning—oh yeah, sure. The book does list advantages and disadvantages to many of the tactics written about. The rest I’ll leave up to your own evil imagination. MC

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 118 pages

Homicide Investigation: A Practical Handbook

Burt Rapp

Small primer on homicide investigation. General beginner’s book especially helpful for law enforcement, private investigators, writers, filmmakers. Does not go into exhaustive details or feature many photographs or illustrations. Basic tasks, tactics and tools for investigation are covered. Includes a glossary and other references. This book will give the reader a basic beginning understanding of homicide investigation. Lists the stages of death; how to estimate time of death; what is done first at a murder scene; when search warrants are needed; how to sketch murder scenes; what happens at an autopsy and more. MC

Publisher: Loompanics
Paperback: 180 pages

Neurotransmitters and Drugs

Z.L. Kruk and C.J. Pycock

Technical biochemical treatise on the manner in which therapeutically used drugs modify the nervous system through the knowledge of the functions, distribution and control of neurotransmitters in the brain. Each chapter is devoted to a specific neurotransmitter; its synthesis, storage, release, receptor interaction and inactivating mechanisms together with drugs that interact with neurotransmission.
Specifically targeted to students of medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy and postgraduate psychology, this book requires some knowledge of basic biology in order to be understood. MC

Publisher: Chapman and Hall
Paperback: 208 pages

How To Embalm Your Mother-in-Law: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About What Happens Between Your Last Breath and Your First Spadeful

Robert T. Hatch

This is a nice little book written in a straightforward manner that covers what happens when one dies. The book details the basic biological transitions of death including heart failure, brain failure and lung failure. Brief definitions of such terms as “cadaveric spasms,” “algar mortis,” “rigor mortis,” “livor mortis” and “putrefaction” are included. Information is provided on embalming—its history, procedures and such alternatives as cremation—even mummification is briefly explained. The book talks about various religious beliefs surrounding funerals and wakes, and includes a glossary and bibliography. MC

Publisher: Citadel
Paperback: 104 pages

Loom of the Future: The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable

Trevor James Constable

This book is compiled from a series of interviews with Trevor James Constable discussing his work on weather engineering. Constable is best known for his work The Cosmic Pulse of Life. He uses simple geometric apparatuses to supposedly control the weather in such ways as dissipating fog and causing rain. This book could have greatly benefited by including plans for some of the devices and a little bit more scientific explanation of some of the principles involved. MC

Publisher: Borderland Sciences
Paperback: 148 pages

The Face of the Enemy

Martin Cager-Smith

This is a collection of photographs taken by British photographers in Germany between 1944-1952 and looks at Germany’s defeat and the aftermath in the country right after World War II. As the British army moved through Germany’s devastated landscape, they documented the defeated army and civilians they encountered. The many photos of lines of German prisoners of war show the reality and misery of defeat and the end of the line of the Hitler myth. There is a segment showing the conditions at the Belsen death camp, with pictures of the survivors and grisly line-up photos of the S.S. camp guards. The conditions after the camp was liberated showing delousing procedures, people scrambling for cigarettes, the boots of the dead being used as fuel for cooking and prisoners being buried are dramatically depicted. Also, photos show the destruction left after the war’s aftermath with many pictures of decimated German cities like Bremen and Berlin and the mass migrations of people just trying to survive in the bombed-out landscapes. MC

Publisher: Dirk Nishen
Paperback: 127 pages

Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology

Jeanne Manning

This work is about advances in Tesla technology. Learn about the U.S. Government’s new ground-based Star Wars weapon system HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. The HAARP is an experiment in the ionosphere that targets the electrojet (a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky), attempting to turn it into a vibrating artificial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on the earth. This experiment could affect the earth's upper atmosphere: changing weather patterns over large areas, and interfering with wildlife migration. As a weapon, it could be used to jam global communications, for weather control, or to disrupt human mental processes. Out of control, it could affect the whole planet's life cycle. The book includes a chronology of large-scale electromagnetic experimentation from Tesla to nuclear explosions in the Van Allen Belt to ionospheric heating or sky busting, to the development of HAARP. There is information on: Russian Microwave experiments conducted against the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, C.I.A. Mind Control experiments, positive applications of electrophysiology, and developments in non-lethal weaponry. There is a series of diagrammatic illustrations of the HAARP, and even suggestions for turning the destructive uses of it to more positive applications. Picked as one of the top 10 under reported news stories of 1994 by Project Censored. MC

Publisher: Earthpulse
Paperback: 233 pages

Los Caprichos

Francisco Goya

After a serious illness in 1792, Goya spent five years recuperating and reading French revolutionary literature. After his recovery, Goya produced Los Caprichos, a series of 80 aquatints. This was his reaction to a Spain that he believed had abandoned all reason. Los Caprichos is peopled with grotesque monsters, witches, asses, devils and strange creatures that are all caricatures of members of Spanish society. Goya savagely shows the nightmare of the Inquisition, the horrors of medical quackery, and rips apart the pseudocultural mores of Spanish society, attacking marriage, education, the church, royal politics and occultism. These excellent drawings provide some of the most biting social criticism ever. MC

Publisher: Dover
Paperback: 183 pages

Ayoob Files: The Book

Massad Ayoob

For the connoisseur of real-life, not Hollywood, gunfights. This book reprints 15 cases from the author's series in American Handgunner magazine detailing actual gunfights and describing what went down: the weapons used by both criminals and those defending themselves, their mindsets, who survived the gunfights, who didn't and why. Ayoob looks closely at what happened and tries to analyze both sides' tactics. Included are an interpretation of the Rodney King incident and its aftermath that runs counter to the prevailing wisdom, and a very close analysis of a massacre in Miami on April 11, 1986, when a gun battle between two heavily armed professional criminals and FBI agents left both the bad guys and two agents dead, three agents permanently crippled, and others wounded. MC

Publisher: Police Bookshelf
Paperback: 223 pages

Black Medicine III: Low Blows

N. Mashiro, Ph.D

Illustrates defensive techniques against fist fighting and shows wrist releases, escapes from chokeholds, headlocks, grab attacks from the rear and defenses when knocked down to the ground. Includes a chapter on defending against knives and clubs. Works best as a guide to training with a partner. MC

Publisher: Paladin
Paperback: 128 pages