Errico Malatesta

Classic introduction to the subject by the Italian activist. AK

Publisher: Freedom
Paperback: 56 pages


Rudolf Rocker

Essential reading for anyone interested in worker control of industry, the classic work on the subject. AK

Publisher: AK

Anarchy in the U.K.: The Angry Brigade

Tom Vague

Germany spawned the Red Army Faction; Italy, the Red Brigades; France, Action Directe; the United States, the Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army… Britain had the Angry Brigade. Much more than a small group of individuals, the Angry Brigade was a movement that challenged reaction and state power in all its forms. Part of a general European resistance movement, its was an armed offensive grounded in substantial popular support. No leaders, do it yourself… Here, in Tom Vague’s notorious, barbed, pop-culture style, is the story of Britain’s premier revolutionary hooligans. Draws extensively on the Angry Brigade’s communiqués, along with both the underground/countercultural and mainstream press of the late ‘60s through the early ‘70s, and police and court documents. AK

Publisher: AK
Paperback: 160 pages

Durutti: The People Armed

Abel Paz

An exhaustive biography of the legendary Spanish revolutionary, who died at age 40 in 1936. AK

Publisher: Black Rose
Paperback: 323 pages

The False Principle of Our Education

Max Stirner

Humanism and Realism, the Egoist way. A classic essay from Stirner. AK

Publisher: Ralph Myles
Pamphlet: 28 pages

Fra Contadini: A Dialogue on Anarchy

Errico Malatesta

Using the form of a conversation between two peasants, Malatesta expounds on the theory of anarchism. AK

Publisher: Elephant
Paperback: 47 pages

Listen Anarchist

Chaz Bufe

New, slightly expanded edition of this polemic, arguing for a return to morality in anarchists’ dealing with the world at large and each other in particular. AK

Publisher: See Sharp
Pamphlet: 16 pages

Nationalism and Culture

Rudolf Rocker

His magnum opus—dissects the State in all its manifestations and shows why and how throughout the course of human history, the State has been the principal enemy of social life and cultural development. AK

Publisher: Black Rose

Neither God Nor Master

Daniel Guerin

This is the first English translation of Guerin’s monumental anthology of anarchism. It details, through a vast array of hitherto unpublished documents, writings, letters and reports, the history, organization and practice of the anarchist movement as well as its theorists, advocates and activists. AK

Publisher: AK
Paperback: 304 pages

The Physiognomy of the Anarchists

Cesare Lombroso

First appearing in 1891, this attempt at “criminal anthropology” has been a knee-slapper since it first surfaced. The definitive (ahem) analysis of the Haymarket Martyrs and other such deviant types. AK

Publisher: Monkeywrench
Paperback: 12 pages