The Aesthetics of Disappearance

Paul Virilio

Examines the “aesthetic” in film, in politics, in war, the philosophy of subjectivity and elsewhere. AK

Publisher: Autonomedia
Paperback: 124 pages

Alcoholics Anonymous: Cults or Cure

Charles Bufe

Incisive treatment of the religious origins of AA, its cultish aspects, effectiveness and secular self-help alternatives. AK

Publisher: See Sharp
Paperback: 192 pages

Beyond Hypocrisy: Decoding the News in an Age of Propaganda

Edward S. Herman with cartoons by Matt Wuerker

Satirical essays, cartoons and a lexicon of double-speak terms used by the U.S. government, media and corporations. AK

Publisher: South End
Paperback: 240 pages

Bomb the Suburbs

William Upski Wimsatt

From the role of the wiggers to gangsta rap to journalism to break dancing, freight-hopping, black intellectuals and graffiti. Through stories, cartoons, interviews, disses, parodies and original research, Bomb the Suburbs challenges the suburban mid-set wherever it is found, in suburbs and corporate headquarters, but also in cities, housing projects and hip-hop itself, debating key questions. AK

Publisher: Subway and Elevated
Paperback: 112 pages

Cages of Steel

Ward Churchill and J.J. van der Wall

Documents the treatment of political prisoners in the U.S., the use of physical torture, psychological brainwashing and experiments designed to destroy revolutionary beliefs and prevent ability to organize political action with others. Prisoners, past and present, from the Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement find a voice in this huge anthology of interviews, essays, articles and statements. AK

Publisher: Maisonneuve
Paperback: 404 pages

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Gore Vidal

A collection of essays previously published in the Nation, with a new preface by the author. AK

Publisher: Odonian
Paperback: 95 pages

From the Bottom Up

Anton Pannekoek

Three council communist texts: “Party and Class,” “Strikes” and “Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed.” Produced to provide a reflection on past struggles and a vision of future possibility. AK

Publisher: Collective Action
Pamphlet: 34 pages


Ivan Illich

An insightful examination of the different work roles taken by each sex in traditional and modern societies. Included are discussions on the development of a wage-labor system and how this development has led to the modern confusion over each sex’s role. AK

Publisher: Heyday
Paperback: 194 pages


Hakim Bey

The latest tome from the insurrectionist theoretician. In this collection of essays, Bey expounds upon his ideas concerning radical social reorganization and the liberation of desire. AK

Publisher: AK
Paperback: 64 pages

Irrational in Politics: Sexual Repression and Authoritarian Conditioning

Maurice Brinton

His classic argument that our political perceptions have been conditioned by the prevailing social and sexual patterns to reinforce the dominant ideology. AK

Publisher: See Sharp
Paperback: 52 pages