Doctor Reich claims that the basic charge of life is this blue orgone-like electrical charge—Orgones form a sphere around the earth and charge the human machine—He discovered that orgones pass readily through iron but are stopped and absorbed by organic matter—So he constructed metal-lined cubicles with layers of organic material behind the metal—Subjects sit in the cubicles lined with iron and accumulate orgones according to the law of increased returns on which life functions—The orgones produce a prickling sensation frequently associated with erotic stimulation and spontaneous orgasm—Reich insists that orgasm is an electrical discharge—He has attached electrodes to the appropriate connections and charted the orgasm—In consequence of these experiments he was of course expelled from various countries before he took refuge in America and died in a federal penitentiary for suggesting the orgone accumulator in treating cancer—It has occurred to this investigator that orgone energy can be concentrated to disperse the miasma of idiotic prurience and anxiety that blocks any scientific investigation of sexual phenomena. — William S. Burroughs, from Nova Express


On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy (Pulse of the Planet #4)

Edited by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Loaded with the most current and updated information regarding Reich and orgonomy. Two scarce books are reprinted here: WR in Denmark, a personal and engrossing account of Reich’s first years in exile, and Experiments in Sexuality and Anxiety. FLA

Publisher: Orgone Biophysical Research
Paperback: 174 pages

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use, and Protection Against Toxic Energy

James Demeo

A how-to, with complete protocol for a host of experiment. Includes plans for the orgone blanket and garden-seed chargers as well as box-type, whole-body accumulators. An appendix contains a double-blind study on the physiological effects of the orgone accumulator, and there is also an excellent bibliography. FLA

Publisher: Flatland
Paperback: 155 pages

Passion of Youth: An Autobiography, 1897-1922

Wilhelm Reich

This is the latest of Reich’s writings to appear posthumously. In these excerpts from his diary, Reich, like his mentor, Freud, is remarkably candid about the details of his personal life and sexuality. Indeed, some of his most private confessions sound remarkably Freudian: “Twice I masturbated while consciously fantasizing about my mother-saw and felt only her abdomen, never her face.” Also includes his 1919 memoir, Childhood and Puberty, in which Reich candidly tells of his first sexual experiences and the further development of his sexual life. JB

Publisher: Marlowe
Paperback: 178 pages

Wilhelm Reich and the UFO Phenomena: Arizona Desert 1954-55

Eva Reich, M.D.

“Wilhelm Reich was the brilliant student of Sigmund Freud who broke with the father of psychoanalysis over the issue of sexuality’s place in society. Reich argued that Freud retreated from reality. Reich pursued the original promise of psychoanalysis: that the realm of human sexuality was accessible to rational comprehension; that the organism and its underlying libido energy were observable phenomena; that life depended upon that study. Accidentally, he stumbled onto a new science: orgonomy, the science of Life Energy; orgone energy is the forgotten ether.
It’s been said that Wilhelm Reich was deluded when he reported his UFO sightings, but today his daughter Eva confirms the phenomena with convincingly honest testimony. She was present in 1954 when Reich carried off a top-secret, “desert greening” expedition in Tucson, Arizona—under the noses of federally funded scientists working on their own ‘Operation Weather Control.’
Eva Reich, more than anyone at that time, made great sacrifices to support her father’s dangerous work, and offers this memoir with honest criticism and forthright appraisal. These interviews with Eva Reich, conducted in 1990 in Hancock, Maine, and in 1995 in Philo, California, offer a rare opportunity to join an informal conversation with the daughter of Wilhelm Reich. She expresses her deep grief, even at the age of 71, over her father’s persecution and death in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, an unwilling martyr to the cause of scientific freedom.” 60 min.

Publisher: Flatland