This is a question that you should probably ask an intact male. There is clearly a difference in sensitivity between a protected penis and one with an exposed head. Anyone who has closely examined an intact penis can clearly see the physical differences between the two. It's more than just the fact !hut one has foreskin and the other doesn't.

Examining the case of the African Bushman will show the main point. They're used to tromping around the forests without shoes. The soles of their feet are so calloused that they can walk on hot coals without hurting themselves. If a Bushman came to America our city streets would feel like walking on carpet. You and I who have worn shoes all our lives wouldn’t find it very comfortable to walk even the streets of America barefoot let alone the African wilderness. The same analogy is true for the head of the penis and surrounding mucous membrane. Exposing the glans of the penis to the roughness of your underclothing for 15 to 20 years causes sensitivity loss and skin texture changes as it dries out. Penis function is much more important than penis size. The circumcised penis. with its dried-out mucous surface. is less sensitive than the natural one. However, it has been proven that recovering the glans again increases sensitivity . This is truly the most important reason for foreskin restoration. Likewise. this is also the most important reason for not doing circumcision. The foreskin performs an important function, protecting the delicate surface of the glans. Men who are intact shouldn't wear their foreskin in the retracted state. Keeping the foreskin constantly retracted will lead to the same problem circumcised men have, decreased sensitivity. The foreskin only needs to be retracted for cleaning or sex.

You will find many rewards in restoring your foreskin. Not only will you notice an increase in sensitivity in the glans and surrounding mucosa. Your penis will feel different to the touch. The glans will become more glossy and pink. As your foreskin lengthens enough to cover the glans in the flaccid state, you will gain a tremendous psychological uplift. Many restorees claim they feel more masculine and take greater interest in their personal appearance in general. Most say they aren’t ashamed to show their bodies in nude situations in public anymore. Taking off their clothing in locker rooms doesn’t seem to be a humiliating experience as it once was for them. There is no better a place to have a foreskin than in America. Your foreskin will be noticed. It will be well apprcciated and even worshipped by some. In some countries where almost all men are intact, people take the foreskin for granted, and don't notice it.

From Foreskin Restoration (Uncircumcision)


Circumcision: What It Does

Billy Ray Boyd

An extremely well-thought-out handbook questioning both medical and ritual circumcision, including a databank of information resources on the subject, such as Brothers United for Future Foreskins (BUFF) and the Alternative Bris Support Group (for Jewish parents considering bris without circumcision).

Publisher: Olson
Paperback: 95 pages


Edited by Leyland

Encounters with more than 80 blind bananas. “The first mature penis I actually held in my hand was an uncut one. I was about 13 at the time… He laughed and said, ‘I’ll bet you never saw a big cock like that. I got the biggest one in the high school.’ No, I had never seen one like that. Not only big, but strange to me. It somehow seemed to have no head… He said, ‘Do you want to touch it?’ I did and reached over and touched it with my finger. ‘No, hold it in your hand,’ he said… ‘I can get bigger if you move your hands up and down slow’… As it swelled, I was both frightened and fascinated… It didn’t go beyond that, but the experience was branded in my brain forever.” GR

Publisher: Leyland

Decircumcision: Circumcision Practices and Foreskin Restoration Methods

Gary Griffin

If you’ve had yours whacked off, now you can have your missing foreskin returned to its hang-dog glory. But first, check out these detailed descriptions of various surgical restoration methods. You can even do it yourself! GR

Publisher: Added Dimensions
Paperback: 112 pages

Foreskin: A Closer Look

Bud Berkeley

All-American clipcocks vs. the monk’s hood, the Roman shade, the anteater, the wingflap or the lace curtain, as foreskinned cocks have been called. “But even on the question of sensitivity, there is no universal agreement. Sex researchers Masters and Johnson, in their tests, found no difference in sensitivity between circumcized and uncircumcized penises. Most modern researchers agree that sensitivity is such a subjective perception that it would be difficult to measure. They also agree that premature ejaculation is primarily caused by psychological factors, not by differences in penile sensitivity.“ So what was everyone complaining about? Was there anything missing from the circumcized penis, besides the ‘superfluous’ foreskin? The men belonging to the USA (Uncircumcised Society of America) certainly argued that something was missing. One man wrote, ‘My foreskin is the best part of my penis.’” GR

Publisher: Alyson
Paperback: 208 pages

The Joy of Uncircumcising! Exploring Circumcision—History, Myths, Psychology, Restoration, Sexual Pleasure and Human Rights

Jim Bigelow, Ph.D.

“The American medical community has been waging war on the foreskin for most of this century. Their aim has been to eradicate the foreskin from every penis of every male born in this nation. The majority of American doctors have portrayed the foreskin as a mistake of nature and the curse of the male gender. No matter how many we cut off every year, they just keep coming! Since nature seems so stubborn about producing foreskins, perhaps we would be wise as an enlightened people to take a new look at the possibility that nature knows best and that there are, in fact, real advantages to leaving the penis intact.” Includes extensive information on the modern foreskin-restoration movement, the skin-expansion method and surgical foreskin reconstruction.

Publisher: Hourglass
Paperback: 256 pages

Say No to Circumcision!

Thomas J. Ritter, M.D. and George C. Denniston, M.D.

A surgeon and a specialist in family medicine promise “40 compelling reasonswhy you should respect his birthright and keep your son whole” and they deliver. Reasons include: “Circumcision Is Really Foreskin Amputation, and Is Abusive,” “Circumcision Creates Unnecessary Surgical Risks and Complications,” “When Unaroused, the Glans of the Penis Is Meant to Be an Internal Organ, Like the Clitoris,” “Your Son’s Penis Does Not Have to Look Like His Father’s,” “Some Jewish People Are Even Changing Their Mind on Circumcision,” and “Penile and Cervical Cancer Are Not Valid Reasons for Infant Circumcision.” So “If You’re Not Sure—Don’t Do It” and “Say No to Circumcision!” Case closed.

Publisher: Circumcision
Paperback: 96 pages