Dykes on Bikes— Image: © Samantha Jefferson

Macho Sluts

Pat Califia

Short stories with the theme of (mostly) lesbian SM. Subjects range from the family that is a little more disciplined than most, to an unusual test of a new partner’s mettle: “I want a gang, a pack, a bunch of tough and experienced top women. I’ll leave the exact number up to you, but I don’t want just a threesome in warm leatherette. I would rather it not be women Roxanne already knows. And no novices, they would just get in the way. Once you get that group together I want to give them Roxanne, and if she makes me proud I want her to belong to me, wear my rings. If she still wants me. She might decide it’s too much, or maybe she’ll tumble for one of the other tops."

Publisher: Alyson
Paperback: 298 pages



The Master’s Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance

Jack Rinella

They can swing a good whip, keep plenty of clothespins handy, and throw knots better than a sailor. These are the skills required of an erotically dominating Master or Mistress. It’s all about power: What’s it like to own someone? How do you punish your slave? What about the pain? Get the tips from a leathersex pro. GR

Publisher: Daedalus
Paperback: 200 pages

Meat: A Natural Symbol

Nick Fiddes

“There was a time when this was a nation of Ernest Hemingways. Real Men. The kind of guys who could defoliate an entire forest to make a breakfast fire—and then go on to wipe out an endangered species hunting for lunch. But not anymore. We’ve become a nation of wimps. Pansies. Quiche eaters.”
As the epitome of meat, a beef steak can send powerful sexual symbols. The larger and juicier the piece of meat, the more red-blooded and virile the consumer is supposed to be, and a steak by candlelight is a common prelude to seduction. Meat is widely reputed to inflame the lustful passions, particularly in men, the stimulation being generally of an animal rather than of an erotic kind. It is reported, for example, that the captain of a slave ship, in the throes of evangelical conversion, stopped eating meat to prevent his lusting after female slaves. “Conversely, a male vegetarian can be a suspect figure, as a student recalls… “It was really odd, they seemed to automatically assume that because I was a vegetarian then I must be gay.”’ GR

Publisher: Routledge
Paperback: 200 pages

Modern Primitives

V. Vale and Andrea Juno

“An anthropological inquiry into a contemporary social enigma—the increasing popular revival of ancient human decoration practices such as symbolic/deeply personal tattooing, multiple piercings, and ritual scarification.” Interviews with Fakir Musafar, Don Ed Hardy, ManWoman, Sheree Rose, Hanky Panky, and Genesis and Paula P-Orridge.

Publisher: V/Search
Paperback: 212 pages

Mormon Polygamy: A History

Richard S. Van Wagoner

“Scattered throughout the western United States are an estimated 30,000 modern-day polygamists. These fundamentalist Mormons continue a practice that was conceived in secret and still arouses controversy. Van Wagoner (a descendant of polygamous Mormons) traces from the 1830s to the present the religious, political and personal aspects of this unexpected product of Victorian piety.”

Publisher: Signature
Paperback: 362 pages

Muybridge’s Complete Human and Animal Locomotion, Volume 1

Eadweard Muybridge

“Of all the great pioneer-innovators of the 19th century, perhaps the least known is Eadweard Muybridge. Of all the great turning points in scientific, technological and artistic thought, undoubtedly the least known (because it has, effectively never been published) is Muybridge’s 11-volume pictorial treatise of human and animal life in motion. Present volumes combine Volumes 1 and 2: male nudes running, walking, leaping, twisting, boxing, wrestling, pole-vaulting, lifting and carrying heavy objects, climbing ladders, sitting, standing, etc.; 3 and 4: female nudes running, ascending and descending stairs, dancing, splashing, dressing and undressing, stooping, sweeping, making a bed and other domestic chores, spanking a child, feeding a dog in a series of movements shown in step-motion sequence; 781 plates (each plate a two-page spread) of nearly 300 separate actions split into as many as 50 individual shots per action; 532 of the plates show clothed and unclothed men, women, and children engaging in a wide variety of typical actions and activities.”

Publisher: Dover
Hardback: 629 pages

Muybridge’s Complete Human and Animal Locomotion, Volume 2

Eadweard Muybridge

“This volume comprises Volumes 5—males (pelvis cloth), 6—females (semi-nude and transparent drapery) and Children, 7—males and females (draped) and miscellaneous subjects, and 8—abnormal movements, males and females (nude and semi-nude) of the original 11-volume set. Most of the plates show three different simultaneous perspectives on a single action—front, rear and side or three-quarter view—which Muybridge achieved through his ingenious use of from 12 to 36 cameras and his own electromagnetic tripping device.”

Publisher: Dover
Hardback: 1 pages

Passage Through Trinidad: Journal of a Surgical Sex Change

Claudine Griggs

“In July 1991, the author underwent a surgical sex change from a man to a woman. The surgery was performed (in Trinidad, Colorado) by Stanley Biber, M.D., dean of sex-change operations. This work begins at the time Ms. Griggs decided to pursue the surgery and continues through her recovery. Though the procedure altered the author’s body, poignantly accounted for also is the mental transformation.”

Publisher: McFarland
Hardback: 216 pages

Patient or Pretender: Inside the Strange World of Factitious Disorders

Marc D. Feldman, M.D., and Charles V. Ford, M.D., with Toni Reinhold

“The deadly serious game of playing sick: Incredible true stories of people who search for emotional fulfillment by making themselves ill.” The young woman who faked chemotherapy for two years by dieting and thinning her hair. The husband who injected gasoline under his wife’s skin to cause abscesses. The mother who put her blood in her child’s urine sample. The woman who pierced her intestines with a yardstick, to promote internal bleeding. The mother who scrubbed her baby’s back with oven cleaner to induce a rash. “These compelling case studies read like medical detective stories as doctors try to separate fact from fiction and explore the real causes of these patients’ illnesses.” Sick, sick, sick. GR

Publisher: Wiley
Hardback: 228 pages

Penis Power: A Complete Guide to Potency Restoration

Gary Griffin

User-friendly manual explaining the mechanics of erection and what can go wrong. Drugs, implants, chemicals, and mineral supplements to keep Little Peter pumping are all discussed. GR

Publisher: Added Dimensions
Paperback: 120 pages

Penis Size and Enlargement

Gary Griffin

Learn how to increase your endowment (or lack thereof) using pumps and weights, or just get off on the pictures of humungous cocks. Full of hilarious pseudo-scientific comparison charts and pointless historical ephemera, plus a list of the biggest schlongs in Hollywood! MG

Publisher: Hourglass
Paperback: 193 pages