“Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the ‘Secret Doctrine,’ opened his centers in vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any other German.”

Thus spake Dietrich Eckart as he lay dying from the effects of mustard gas in Munich in December 1923. One of the seven founding members of the Nazi party, this imposing Bavarian was outwardly known as a poet, a gifted writer and historian, a bon vivant and a lover of witty talk. Yet those who saw him apparently immersed in the gay social round of the Munich Bierkellers never guessed that behind the jovial façade of this veteran Army Officer was hidden a dedicated satanist, the supreme adept of the arts and rituals of Black Magic and the central figure in a powerful and widespread circle of occultists—the Thule Group. . . . He claimed to his fellow adepts in the Thule Group that he had personally received a kind of satanic annunciation that he was destined to prepare the vessel of the Antichrist, the man inspired by Lucifer to conquer the world and lead the Aryan race to glory.

— Trevor Ravenscroft, from The Spear of Destiny


Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance

Colonel Howard Buechner and Captain Wilhelm Bernhart

“‘He who holds the lance (which shed the blood of Christ) controls the destiny of the world for good or evil.’ Hitler held the lance for seven years (1938-1945). When he sent it to an ultrasecret hiding place, he unleashed an incredible series of events. Read about the location of Hitler’s treasure, mysterious Wewelsburg castle, Himmler’s SS Knights of the Lance, U-boat voyages to Antarctica and South America, and many other astounding disclosures.”

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited
Paperback: 223 pages

Hitler: Black Magician

Gerald Suster

Originally published as Hitler: The Occult Messiah, this is a staunchly Crowleyian interpretation of the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Suster sees the Nazis and the Holocaust as prefigured in the revelation of The Book of the Law, which Crowley received from the entity Aiwass in 1904, supposedly ushering in the Age of Horus (the Egyptian god of War). Suster provides some interesting occult tangents of the Third Reich such as the alliance between the Tibetan monks and the Ahnerbe (or Nazi occult bureau), the Nazi campaign against Rudolph Steiner and his Anthroposophist followers, and Hitler’s connections with the Aryan-esoteric Thule Gesellschaft. The highlight of Suster’s spiritual version of World War II is his assertion that Ian Fleming, while serving in the British wartime Secret Service, lobbied for Aleister Crowley to interrogate Rudolph Hess about the magical strategies of the Third Reich. SS

Publisher: Skoob
Paperback: 222 pages

The Mark of the Beast: The Continuing Story of the Spear of Destiny

Trevor Ravenscroft and T. Wallace Murphy

A prophetic work from the author of The Spear of Destiny: “Now when we are standing at the very threshold of the spiritual world, a great personal and irrevocable decision must be made. The symbol which should help you make your decision, one way or another, is the Spear of Longinus. On the one side it will become the very emblem of the World Dictator who will claim it as his own talisman of global power. On the other it is the symbol of the redemptive, sacrificial, ritual love at Golgotha and the inspiration of all who seek to tread the pathway to spiritual freedom. In the great apocalyptic battle between good and evil this vital decision cannot be postponed. Whose side are you on?”

Publisher: Citadel
Paperback: 246 pages

The Occult Establishment

James Webb

“The bizarre, pathetic doings of spiritual artists, vegetarians, mediums, astrologers and magicians intertwine with the lives of Richard Wagner, Baden Powell, C.G. Jung and other surprising notables. But there is a sinister side to this absorbing saga of folk dancing, health foods and rejection of capitalist rationality: search for purity of ‘blood’ as well as purity of bowels, allied with the conviction that all unwelcome features of modern life are consummations of a malignant conspiracy. In this meticulously researched history of occultism since 1918, Webb examines the ‘Illuminated Politics,’ which saw its greatest triumph in the Hitler regime. After Hitler, occultism continued to pervade art and literature, and expressed itself in the such movements as the beatniks, hippies, Situationists and anti-psychiatry.”

Publisher: Open Court
Paperback: 535 pages

The Prophecies of Adolf Hitler

Christopher S. Hyatt and S. Jason Black

“A new examination of Hitler as a traditional religious phenomenon rather than the political aberration he is more comfortably considered to be. This book demonstrates convincingly that Nazism followed the same pattern of religio-political manipulation repeated from the time of Constantine until today. Details Catholic collusion with Hitler and the occult and magical roots of the Nazi Party.”

Publisher: New Falcon
Paperback: 192 pages

Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions

Christof Friedrich

Packed with photos, this book is the perfect companion to Secrets of the Holy Lance, The Spear of Destiny, and a litany of similar books devoted to scrutinizing the Nazis and their obsession with the occult. The author delivers a penetrating, in-depth description detailing the secret missions of German U-boat convoys dispatched to the Antarctic by Hitler during the final, tumultuous days of the Third Reich. Imagine the caches of buried Nazi treasure just begging to be discovered. Published by Ernst Zundel, the man who brought Canada’s great Holocaust trial to the public a few years ago. JB

Publisher: Samisdat
Paperback: 128 pages

The Spear of Destiny

Trevor Ravenscroft

Of the handful of books which cover the relationship between the occult and its influence on Nazi Germany, this one remains one of the most thoroughly entertaining accounts. The description of a desperate and frustrated young Adolf in Vienna gazing raptly at the Spear of Longinus at the Hofburg Museum between artistic bouts of creating kitschy, sentimental watercolors is priceless. Better still is his victorious re-entry into the city in order to claim the mystic relic, which supposedly was the spear which pierced Jesus’ side. And then there is the strange Thule Gesellschaft, the pseudo-magical order which Ravenscroft says initiated Hitler into the occult; Karl Haushofer’s strange brand of geopolitics; the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion; Himmler’s occult SS bureau; black magic-homeopathy and Wagnerian imagery aplenty. Yes, this book reads like a novel, or better yet like some Indiana Jones adventure, with Rudolph Steiner as its hero… Despite the overblown, gee-whiz quality of the book, it is an intriguing illustration of just how popular the idea of personal identification with race was before World War II. Ravenscroft’s fast-paced narrative does have a good bibliography, but don’t expect this to be a scholarly tome. MM

Publisher: Weiser
Paperback: 400 pages

Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult

Peter Levenda

Satan, sex, eugenics, Tibet and the Swastika. How the Nazis attempted to become all-powerful through the wicked enchantment of ritualism. The search for power beyond any physical elements and the struggle to be the most fearful country to ever exist: “Mark my words, Bormann, I’m going to become very religious…”—Adolf Hitler. TD

Publisher: Avon
Paperback: 407 pages

Vril: The Power of the Coming Race

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Hollow-Earth theory, geomancy, psychic breeding—inspiration to Nazi pseudoscience and New Age disciples, by a 19th-century British member of the Golden Dawn.

Publisher: Garber
Paperback: 256 pages