Teeth Lady


AK Press is an anarchist workers collective. They publish and distribute the finest literature in the world.

Skylaire Alfvegren a descendant of the Black Elves of old Scandanavia, is an Aries and collector of gay comedy albums. She is intrigued by the idea of interdimensional travel due to the intolerable stupidity of this world. A dedicated Fortean, she lives in Los Angeles and dreams of purchasing an airplane.

Oscar Arce has an MFA in Directing and Choreography. He lives in Los Angeles where he works in dance, publishing and cinema.

Skot Armstrong is the founder and director of Science Holiday, a creative think tank. He has been active in the mail art movement since the early 1970s. His paintings have been shown throughout the U.S. and abroad. The focus of his work is modern archeology.

Steve Baughman owns a used book store; collects bad poetry. Likes to work on his car; hates to drive it. All-Electric Paperbacks.

Luis Bauz a native of Mexico City, is a writer, performance artist, curator, translator and conceptual artist currently based in Los Angeles. His main influences are Surrealism, Situationism, the films of Buñuel, Jodorowsky and Polanski and the writings of Carlos Fuentes and Marguerite Duras.

Joe Bellinger a resident of Los Angeles, is a freelance writer, musician and book dealer.

Tosh Berman is a writer, curator, and publisher of TamTam Books. His story “Honeycombing” will be released by HOB Press in 1998.

Jeff Berry is a Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker.

Don Bolles activates psychoacoustic environments as Kitten Sparkles, along with Joseph Hammer using shortwave radio, tape loops and certain hermetic and forbidden light and sound pulsation techniques. He is a field agent for the American Song Poem Music Archive, an adept in the art of spreading the disease of radio surrealism, and is presently working on a book about his former teen rockestra The Germs.

Rev. Al Cacophony is a licensed minister, writer and animator, and a connoisseur of cults, pyrotechnics and pickled oddities. He is also chief provocateur of the Los Angeles lodge of the Cacophony Society, a network of pranksters, artists, and thrill-seekers devoted to cultural spelunking and the acceleration of millenial giddiness.

Monte Cazzazza “All I’m trying to do is survive and accomplish something of some value.”

Tim Cridland is the publisher of Off The Deep End, a zine devoted to strange ideas, conspiracy theories, weird science, flying saucers and unorthodox notions. He is best known as a sideshow and stage performer under the name Zamora, the Torture King.

Travis Dake is a writer and mortician currently working for the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office in the field of crime-scene investigation.

Adam Dubov is a screenwriter and director living in Los Angeles. His debut feature Dead Beat was released by LIVE Entertainment in 1995.

Gene Evans foray into the occult began when his spirit separated from his teenage body in a motorcycle accident. At age 18, an article in the L.A. Times named him America’s most up-and-coming psychic, and revealed the names of several celebrity clients. Gene completed Samra University’s Qi Gong and Feng Shui programs.

Michael Dylan Griffin is the author of Nationwide Butterpump, Napoleon In Rags, Kicks In The Eye/Frozen Moments of a Life and The Undertow Rose. He lives in Los Angeles.

Carri Faber just months away from 40 and at her fighting weight has written the “La De Da” column for the L.A. Weekly, produced many of the infamous Goldenvoice rock shows and raised funds for the Jerry Brown 800 number. She is a casting assistant for a major casting agent, and became one very happily married woman six years ago on April Fool’s Day.

Alejandro Flores has played with several Mexican rock bands: Exhibición Kitsch, Los Edipos, Mariquita y sus Tortibonos Eléctricos y Los Indígenas de la Tercera Dimensión. He is currently enrolled in the ethnomusicology program at UCLA, and has his own production company which records bands that play rock en español.

Mike Guerena is a psychedelic cyclone from the screaming unknown, and the Cramps’ biggest fan.

Michael Glass is a writer living in Los Angeles.

Michelle D. Handelman is a filmmaker, writer and virtual artist. Inspired by her obsession with blood, guts, power and beauty, her titles, BloodSisters, Sugar Baby, Bitch Goddess and A History of Pain continue to irritate and fascinate audiences worldwide.

Kevin Hanley Artist living in Los Angeles. DOB: 7/25/68. POB: Sumter, South Carolina.

Skip Heller is a record producer and freelance journalist, barely living in Los Angeles.

Melissa Hoffs interest in the cruel and unusual began in childhood with furtive readings of her analyst father’s copy of Psychopathia Sexualis. Her stalled efforts at self-integration have led her to a life of screenwriting.

Ken Hollings is a writer living in London.

Patrick Hughes is a San Francisco-based book pimp who writes occasionally.

Hillary Johnson is the author of Physical Culture and Super Vixens’ Dymaxion Lounge.

Johan Kugelberg produces records and cooks dinner. He lives in Brooklyn and Ocean Grove.

I.S. Levine co-author, with the late Dr. Robert J. Stoller, of Coming Attractions: The Making of an X-Rated Video, Yale University Press. His previous work has appeared in Details, Rolling Stone and Esquire. He has also written, produced and/or performed in a wide variety of adult film and video features.

Carlo McCormick lives in New York City. He is a senior editor at Paper magazine.

Jen McDonald is deeply resentful and living in the South Bay.

Gabriella Malta is a retired criminal psychologist now residing in Los Angeles.

John Marr publishes the zine Murder Can Be Fun. In his free moments, he plays with his collection of 10,000 books, 40 of which are reviewed here.

Jim Martin is the editor of Flatland magazine and founded Flatland Books, a reliable source for unusual books, in 1984.

Metrodoro is a Mexican writer, translator and historical critic. He is currently in law school and translating three works into English.

Maria Montgomery is a writer who lives in Los Angeles. She avidly collects books and enjoys cooking and gardening.

Tony Mostrom is a cartoonist and writer who is currently working on a true crime book.

Nick Noyes lives and writes in New York City and London. He recently collaborated on The Travels of Father Gonzaga, a pulp-picaresque novel about the adventures of a morally bereft 18th-century microbrewer.

Genesis P-Orridge was born with an eating disorder in Manchester, England 22nd May 1947. All his actions since have remained characterized by his penchant for gratuitously applying this puzzling malady to all forms of cultural indiscretion simply to observe what might occur. He now lives as a “cultural engineer” in anomalous seclusion in the United States.

Robert Parigi is a Hollywood producer by day, esoteric ghoul by night.

Christine Palma existence is analogous to plane trips between Los Angeles and Manila. Spending time at either destination, stopping over in other countries, and standing in customs lines at borders are incidental to the drug-like detachment from reality that is experienced flying at high-altitude over the Pacific Ocean.

Andrew Perchuk is currently working on his Ph.D. in the History of Art at Yale University. He was formerly the curator at the Alternative Museum in New York.

Lynn Peril is a San Francisco-based reader and writer. Her zine is called Mystery Date: One Gal’s Guide to Good Stuff.

Tracey Roberts Born in North Wales, she escaped to London in the early ‘80s and spent eight unglamorous years in the video industry. Disillusioned, she gave up on working for a living and shifted the financial burden to her mate when they moved to Los Angeles four years ago. “Nowadays, I fill my day with anything I damned well want!”

Gorilla Rose began writing and performing gay comedy in the '70s with the Whiz Kidz in Seattle, then went on to write porn in New York and review bands for Slash magazine in Los Angeles. He has written songs for Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn and for the legendary Los Angeles punk band, The Screamers. He is currently writing a full-length horror novel. Most treasured possession: photo of stripping policeman Jack the Stripper signed, “To Gorilla, One Hell of a Dynamite Guy.”

Hiroshi M. Sasaki is a refugee from Academia. He currently devotes his time to serving the needs of homeless and runaway youth in Hollywood.

Andy Schatzberg is currently writing, producing and directing television shows and believes that fish make wonderful pets as well as interesting jewelery.

Charles Schneider is a screenwriter-director whose hobbies include painting, acting and devising an unholy scheme hellbent on world domination.

Steve Schultz was an owner and founder of Extreme Books, one of the first bookstores on the net, and co-author of the Internet Internatioal Directory for 1997. Schultz, on his own admisson, is also a compulsive bookbuyer. He has been reseaching cults and and political fringe groups for over 10 years.

Michael Sheppard is the editor/publisher of the multimedia label Transparency.

Erron Silverstein is a multimedia producer in Los Angeles. He studied Classical and Medieval History at Cornell. His interest in authoritarian regimes was sparked by his childhood visit to Ecuador, when he slept in a urine soaked stairwell one night until curfew was over.

Brian Smith studied English literature at UCLA and now resides in Los Angeles working primarily in visual art which explores utopian and folk tale symbolism. His work can be seen at Zero One gallery.

Julia Solis writer and German translator, currently lives in New York City where she collects pictures of shipwrecks and drowning victims and publishes the lit mag The Spitting Image.

Andy Somma is an artist who was born in Italy, raised in Chicago and currently lives in the Bay Area.

Stuart Swezey is the publisher of Amok Books and editor of the Amok Journal: Sensurround Edition.

J.A. Tallon holds advanced degrees in mathematics and law. He collects fine art and talking toys. He is a co-director of Science Holiday and his name appears on patents for at least two carbon-related products.

Jan Tumlir is a contributing editor at Artweek and X-tra magazines, and a regular contributor to Frieze, Documents and the L.A. Weekly. He is represented by Jan Kesner Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles, where he lives and works.

Mike Webber is in recovery again.

Brian Williams better known in some circles as “Lustmord,” has released a series of recordings which some claim darken the hearts of men. He’s the owner/manager of the record label Side Effects, and is considering bringing about world peace and finding a cure for cancer.

Jonathan Williams is a painter living in Los Angeles.

Dan Wininger is a self-taught artist, outsider and owner of KOMA Bookstore. “I was born in L.A., I live in L.A. and will most likely die in L.A.”

Jack Womack who has a longstanding interest in all aspects of human misbehavior and folly, is the author of six novels, including the acclaimed Random Acts of Senseless Violence, Grove Press.

Lauren Zuckerman is a film editor living in Los Angeles.